Nothing To Do on a Wednesday Night.


It was a struggle making it through hump day. This week has been rough for all of us. No particular reason, just that the crazy is back in full force. Arriving at home this evening, Jake had received in the mail the laptop he ordered from his company for his mom’s Christmas gift. He wanted to make a little video that showed that it came apart and was both a laptop and a tablet. Of course we don’t do anything half assed around here, so we decided instead to go a little overboard!

Lots of B-Roll later, pulling out my college education, and discovering that Photoshop’s video editing is similar but much simpler than Adobe Premier we busted out a silly little video that benefits the human race in no ways, but made us all happy. So without further adieu, in case you want to watch something with very little substance, here it is:

Welcoming in 2014


At the very last minute, the night before new years eve, our lack of early planning left us with tickets to the only bar in downtown San Diego with space to spare. And so, the next evening we began our journey with an Uber ride to the Marble Room with a quirky driver and intensely thick fog.

We arrived and quickly met up with our new friend Andrew and his 3 buddies and all got to work on getting our money’s worth of the open bar that was included in our cover. We ordered all the well drinks we could think of: vodka cranberry, gin and tonic, Dirty Shirley, Tom Collins, jack and coke, tequila sunrise, vodka sunrise, tequilla and sprite, etc. Jake winked at the waitress and we were able to all get old fashioneds and kamikazes too. Overall the well drinks were pretty terrible, too sweet, terrible liquor, weird mixes. But they got us all pretty drunk! The bar had some arcade games and we kind of wandered around playing a few of those but mostly we stayed at our table and enjoyed the two man band playing pretty good covers. The later it got the more people filtered in. I became increasingly happy with the fact that we had a table while everyone else was searching for standing room.

Our awesome waitress continued to busily bring us drinks as the clock ticked closer to midnight. Around 11, a guy moving between our table and the table behind us vomited and unfortunately it ended up on Josh’s back. In his trip to the bathroom josh commented that there was vomit in the urinal, the other guy in the bathroom confessed to having peed on the guy who dove into the urinal to throw up while he was using it.

Cleaned up and having a great time we cheered in the new year watching the ball drop on tvs around the bar, surrouded by tons of people taking selfies. I stole a midnight kiss from Jake and we blew our complementary 2014 horns and threw our hats. It was a happy inspiring moment. Everyone around was beaming and optimistic. We then got our last drinks since our open bar expired at midnight, and wandered drunkenly into the streets.

Once outside we found a guy selling street tacos and of course bought some. While waiting we lost Andrew’s 3 friends and then proceeded to follow a large group of people filling the sidewalk playing a variety of instruments and dancing for a few blocks. We then ended up in the hot dog shop, which was packed. The line went very quickly and we had some awesome conversation while we ate.

We saw the sites, including a girl peeing on the sidewalk, on our way to the trolley. We shouted happy 2014 to cheer her on. Once at the trolley we chatted for a few minutes until someone told us the next trolley wouldn’t arrive for 40 minutes. We then immediately called an Uber, fended off three groups of people trying to steal our ride and went home. We ended our night with a toast all drinking huge glasses of water.

New Years Resolution

For the next 365 days, I would like to declare a an emergency state of F*** It! 

Since 2013 ground You Only Live Once into the ground, this is my own, slightly more intelligent take on those sentiments. I only live once, so why not live while I have the chance. 

If someone asks me to try something new, I would like to challenge myself to say F*** It and just do it.

To be clear this is not an abandon of reason or effort sort of thing. This is not a “I can’t get my hollandaise sauce just right so I give up” kind of F*** It, it’s the “I am on a skydiving trip and I’ve paid too much not to jump” type. It’s a “F*** It i’ve come too far to give up now”, it’s a “F*** It other people eat this all the time”.

This is a sleep when you are dead, balls out, what could possibly go wrong, I’m only 20something, all out 2014″F*** It” assault. 

This is my adventure, and the adventure of those around me. It is a challenge to start a life harnessing chaos and following whims.

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